Free Photo Calendar Template

photo calendar template

Make a personalised calendar... it's easy with our free photo calendar template!

Download the template to create a personalised calendar using microsoft word. All you need to do is pick 12 great photos, download the template, and follow my easy step-by-step video tutorial. Print it out on your home computer and voilĂ  , a thoughtful and inexpensive homemade gift idea!

The printable ms word photo calendar template has a blank frame for your photo. All you need to do is put your photo into the virtual frame... and it gets cropped to the right size automatically. So there's no messing around trying to get consistent photo sizes from one page to the next.


Download a calendar template

How to add your photos to the template

Creative uses for photo calendar templates

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Template Downloads

Download the US letter size or A4 size Microsoft calendar template to get started. Click either link below and choose "save file".

Photo Calendar Template for 2015, US letter size

Photo Calendar Template for 2015, A4 size

Photo Calendar Template for 2016, US letter size

Photo Calendar Template for 2016, A4 size

Photo Calendar Template for 2017, US letter size

Photo Calendar Template for 2017, A4 size

The US letter templates include all the common holiday dates for the USA, while the A4 templates include some common international holiday dates.

For other holiday dates for other countries, check out . Just enter in your country and the year of the calendar into the form at the top of the page. Their site will generate a list of important dates - you might need to scroll down the page a bit to see them.

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How to add your photos to the template

Click the white arrow to play. If the video doesn't display, you might need to download the free Adobe flash player .

Written instructions, just in case:

  1. Open the photo calendar template.
  2. Click "Insert" then "Picture" then "From File" .
  3. Navigate your folders to find the image you want, and then click "Insert" . The formatting of the page might get messed up, but don't worry because that will get fixed in the next step.
  4. Right click on the image and choose "Format Picture" from the pop-up menu. This will bring up a "Format Picture" Window. Click on the "Layout" tab, and choose "Behind text" , then click "OK" .
  5. Now you can move your image around by clicking and dragging. You can resize by clicking and dragging one of the corners, and rotate by clicking and dragging the green circle on the image's top edge.
  6. Resize and reposition the image so that it completely covers the rectangular frame.

  7. photo calendar template step 6

  8. Right click on the image. Choose "Order" and "Send to Back" . This puts the image behind the virtual frame.

  9. photo calendar template step 7

  10. If want to reposition your image , first you'll have to right-click on the frame around the picture, choose "Order" , and "Send to Back" . This puts the frame behind the picture, so that you can move the picture around again. When you're happy with it, right-click the image, then choose "Order" and "Send to Back" again.

Adding text to your calendar is easy - just click in one the date boxes and type away!

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Creative Ways to Use the Photo Calendar Template

photo calendar template collage trio

The photo calender template is deliberately simple in style to make it versatile - it will go with photos of any mood. Here are some ideas for things you can try...

Family Calendar
Make a family calendar to give to all your family members at Christmas time. Remember to add in all the birthday dates so that no one forgets them! You could even have feature photos of each family member for their birthday month.

Romantic Calender
Make a romantic homemade gift for your partner using photos of happy memories you have shared together over the years. Get out the old photos from when you first started dating. Don't forget to write in your anniversary date, and sprinkle through some sweet messages.

Artistic Calendar
If you are a budding photographer, make an artistic calendar to showcase your talents. If your Mom likes flowers, why not visit the local botanical gardens and take some nice close-up pictures of her favourite flowers. She will be so touched by your thoughtful gesture, and can hang her calendar up on the fridge for everyone else to admire!

For your Boyfriend
Wondering what to make for your boyfriend this year? He thinks you're beautiful, so why not make him a calendar full of photos of you? Invite a friend over to help you out, and get creative! He'll love it, and you can have a great giggle taking the shots. The look on his face when he opens his present and sees the effort you have gone to will be well worth it!

Thinking out of the box...
Of course, the images you choose don't have to be of people or places, or photos you have taken yourself. Find silly comics that will make your recipient laugh, or use vintage images from the web to make a really funky calendar. Use google's image search to make a theme calendar - like "Paris", "Cats", or "Toilets" get the picture!

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What Next?

I hope you found my photo calendar template easy to use. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, contact me using this handy form .

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