Money origami
Turn your dollar bills into clothing, hearts, flowers, and more!

money origami

Why Money Origami? Sometimes money is the most practical gift you can give.

Especially when you know that the recipient is saving up for something that's important to them. However, there can be something a bit impersonal about giving a cash gift.

The solution: dollar bill origami! Or 10 dollar bill origami, or 100 dollar bill...

By folding money, you can turn a few bills into a gift that's creative and memorable, like a heart or a rose .

By the way, if you're thinking of giving a gift card instead of cash, here's something to consider: In 2006, Best Buy, the home electronics store, made $43 million in revenue from unused gift cards. It really is safer just to give cash - it has no expiry date, and it can be used anywhere.

By giving an origami gift, you will be continuing a long tradition. In ancient Japan, Shinto noble men wrapped wedding gifts of rice wine in origami male and female butterflies representing bride and groom. Samurai warriors also exchanged good luck tokens called 'noshi', made from folded paper and strips of dried meat.

There are literally dozens of ways to fold money, so you can tailor the design to the occasion. Here we'll just focus on a few designs that are deservedly popular because they look great and are easy to fold . Ready? Let's do some origami money folding:

Clothing and Accessories Money Folding

dollar bill ring
Dollar Bill Ring : A bit of bling for your finger!

money origami shirt
Origami Shirt : Fold a Money Origami Shirt with my easy step-by-step instructions.

money origami shirt and tie
Origami Shirt and Tie : Fold a shirt with necktie , all from a single bill!

money origami trousers
Origami Trousers : Fold some trousers the perfect size to go with the shirt. I'll show you two easy designs.

money origami dress
Origami Dress : Fold this classy dress from a single bill. Looks great next to the shirt and tie - perfect for a cash wedding gift.

Christmas Money Folding

money origami star
Star : A six pointed star of David made from a single bill, complete with "god we trust" right in the middle!

modular money origami star
Modular Star : A five pointed star made from 5 bills slotted together (no glue).

money origami christmas tree
Christmas Tree : Slip it into a Christmas card

Cute and Romantic Origami Money

decorative money origami heart
Decorative Heart : Slightly trickier to fold than the simple heart, but looks really stunning.

simple money origami heart

Simple Money Origami Heart : Great for putting in a Valentine's day card.

money origami butterfly
Dollar Origami Butterfly : This butterfly is easy to make, and looks cute! Folded from two notes.

money origami flowers

Origami Money Flowers : Make a money bouquet to say "congratulations!". Ideal for weddings and graduations. I'm not sure what species of flowers these are, but they sure are pretty. As an added bonus, they're really easy to make, too.

money origami dollar bill rose

Dollar Bill Rose : The best money rose design I've come across, and I've tried several. Go ahead and make one, and you'll be amazed at how gorgeous and life-like it looks.

What next?

After all that money origami, it'd be a shame to waste the folding skills you developed... so why not use them to make your own gift box !

Happy gifting!

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