Homemade Gag Gifts
Great Gag Gift Ideas!

homemade gag gifts

Want to make some great homemade gag gifts? I've put together a collection of gag gift ideas for all occasions - homemade Christmas gag gifts, retirement gag gifts, birthday gag gifts, and more!

If you have some great ideas of your own, and would like to see them featured on this page, then let me know your funniest gag gift ideas! I'll give you full credit on the page (unless your idea is so embarrassingly funny that you wish to remain anonymous).

Here are some of the best and funniest ideas for homemade gag gifts that I've come across. Just click on the headings below for instructions . Enjoy!

Newspaper Generator

newspaper generator gag gift

Imagine your friend's surprise when they see themselves featured in a realistic-looking newspaper article!

Creating the spoof article is easy - just upload a photo into our newspaper generator and write some text. Or, choose from some example artlces and slot your friend's name in.

(Actual newspaper article will be bigger than the image shown here)

Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts

homemade christmas gag gifts reindeer poops

Do your part to stop the insidious trend of people taking Christmas far too seriously ;-) Many people feel stressed out at Christmas time - why not lighten things up with one of these Christmas gag gift ideas. Ho Ho Ho...He He He...

Printable Gag Gifts

homemade gag gifts printable

With much thought, deliberation and giggling, my husband I put together a collection of printable gag gifts for you to enjoy :-) All free to download, of course! You'll find funny door hangers, funny warning signs, silly business cards and more... just click on the heading above.

Gag Certificates

homemade gag gifts certificate

Funny certificates are great for office parties, school-leaver parties or other occasions when you'd like to humorously embarrass someone :-) Click the heading above to see my range of Microsoft Word certificate templates. Technically I guess they belong in the printable category, but the printable homemade gag gifts page was getting huge so I gave these their own page.

Gag Gifts to Make for Any Occasion

homemade gag gifts smart pills labels

A collection of "all rounder" gag gifts to suit any occasion. Includes classic gag gift ideas like "organic natural bubble bath" (baked beans) and "expert jigsaw puzzle" (sawdust), plus many more.

Those smart pills would have been handy when I was at school!

Novelty Personalized Fridge Magnets with Mix-N-Match Body Parts

homemade gag gifts Personalized Fridge Magnets

Easy step-by-step instructions for how to make novelty personalized fridge magnets with mix-n-match body parts. The possibilities with this gift idea are endless! All you need to do is come up with some silly photos of the recipient, yourself, family members, friends, characters from your favourite movie, comic series, TV program, etc etc.

A great gag gift to make for any occasion!

Grass Heads

homemade gag gifts grass heads

Not just for kids... every adult who sees one of these cute grass head creatures can't help but laugh or smile. Very easy to make, and starts growing hair in just a week.

Retirement Gag Gifts

homemade retirement gag gifts senior moment caution sign

Send someone off to retirement with a good laugh! Recognize their achievements with the "Old Codger Merit Award" or help them adapt to their new life with some retired business cards and a retirement activity decision cube. Click the link above for these and more.

Homemade 60th Birthday Gag Gifts

homemade gag gifts 60th birthday Is someone you know scared about hitting the BIG SIX ZERO? Tell them not to worry. Statistics show that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live ;-)

Lighten their mood with some 60th birthday humour. Just click the heading above for loads ideas for homemade gag gifts for 60th birthdays.

Homemade 50th Birthday Gag Gifts

homemade gag gifts 50th birthday caution sign

Click the heading above for some fab ideas for 50th birthday gag gifts.

When I turn 50, I think I'll just pop some anti-aging pills and turn back the clock.

Homemade 40th Birthday Gag Gifts

homemade gag gifts 40th birthday menopausal woman danger sign

To see my collection of 40th birthday humor and joke gifts, just click the heading above.

Forty is a funny age. Not really young, not really old. Just... chronologically gifted!

All sorts of ominous things loom on the horizon! Hormonal changes, for both men and women. Hot flashes. The embarrassment of asking for a Viagra prescription. Realising that your back goes out more often than you do ;-)

Homemade 30th Birthday Gag Gifts

homemade 30th birthday gag gifts old fart newspaper

Click the heading above for a huge collection of 30th birthday gags and joke ideas

Thirty. The prime of your life, or the beginning of the end? The end of your hair, your party days, and your youth! Don't let someone feel gloomy about turning 30 - cheer them up with one of these gag gifts!

YOUR Homemade Gag Gift ideas

Read the funniest homemade gag gift ideas contributed by our readers. Have a good chuckle, and share your own ideas too!

Have you ever given someone a really silly gift? Remember their expression as they opened it and realized what it was? I bet you and they had a good laugh. Here's your chance to share your humor with the rest of us :-)

What next?

Those are all the homemade gag gifts I have for now - I hope they gave you some good ideas! Please let us know if you'd like to suggest your own gag gift ideas - I'd love to hear from you :-)

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Happy gifting!

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