40th Birthday Gag Gifts & Humor

Looking for some great ideas for 40th Birthday Gag Gifts?

Forty is a funny in-between sort of age. Not really old, not really young. As one person put it: "I'm not old, I'm just chronologically gifted ".

So, what's the best gift you can give someone when they turn 40? A good laugh! Here are some of my favourite ideas for 40th birthday gag gifts and 40th birthday humor.

40th Birthday Personalized Poster

Make a personalized poster to celebrate the momentous occasion of their 40th birthday!

Click here to personalize and print your poster

Everyone thought this was really cool and asked me how I made it!'' Rachel, Idaho

More 40th birthday gag gifts

40th Birthday Survival Kit

This Hilarious survival kit idea was shared by Christine K from Torrance, CA. Thanks Christine!

"I just went to a 40th Birthday party. These are the items I wrapped individually in black paper then put in a black bag. Most of these items I bought at the Dollar Tree and 99 cent store."

  • Flip-flops labeled L and R
  • Jar of baby food, with small picture of person turning 40 on label
  • Beano (anti-flatulence dietary supplement)
  • Metamusal (laxative)
  • Bingo dauber
  • Depends (adult diaper)
  • Small notebook with string to hang around neck that says: "Where I parked my car"
  • Pill vial with blue M&M's
  • Cold pack (for hot flashes)
  • Reading glasses
  • Can of Ensure (nutritional drink)
  • Sticky name tag that says: "Senior Group" with name on bottom
  • T-shirt with picture and wording: "Lordy, Lordy, looks who 40!"

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Badges

Make a badge that your 40 year old friend will be proud to wear. You can buy badge-making kits at your local craft store. Or, just make a sign that can be attached with a safety pin, or attach some string so that it can hang their their neck.

Here are some ideas for things to write on the badge:

  • 40? No, 39, and holding on for dear life.
  • 40: Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway.
  • It took me 40 years to look this good.
  • I'm not 40. I'm only $39.95 plus tax.
  • I'm not 40, I'm 18, with 22 years of experience.
  • "Better Over the Hill than Under It"
  • Sign: "Welcome to Over the HillVille. Land of Milk of Magnesia"
  • I'm not over the hill. I'm simply too old to climb it.
  • I'm not old. I'm just chronologically gifted.
  • 40!!?? I demand a recount!
  • I'm 40 and I feel great. Here, feel for yourself!
  • I don't have hot flashes. I have power surges.
  • Hot Flash Party Zone

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Hot Flash Survival Kit

40th birthday gag gifts menopause danger

For a woman turning 40, hot flashes could be imminent! Put together this handy hot flash survival kit:

  • Hand held fan
  • Ice packs
  • Pocket handkerchief (for wiping your brow)
  • Change of t-shirt
  • Danger sign ( download full-size pdf ). "Danger. Menopausal woman. May hot flash or spontaneously combust at any moment."
  • Emergency medication (chocolate or M&MS)

Caution, 40 Year Old!

40th birthday gag gifts caution sign

We all know that 40 year olds are prone to dangerous behaviours. The least you can do is warn people with this handy sign ;-)

Sign text says "Caution. 40 Year Old. May make sudden, desperate attempts to appear sexy, youthful, and important. Aproach with caution!"

Just click here to download a printable full-sized pdf sign .

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Garden Chimes

Visit your local hardware store and buy some metal door numbers. Fours and zeroes. String them in a line from a piece of wood. Now, every time the wind blows a gentle tinkling noise will remind them of their age ;-)

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Midlife Medications

These midlife medications are a fab idea. I've seen variations a few places on the web, but I don't know who is the original source.

Put some M&Ms in a "pill bottle" and include these directions for use:

BROWN pill
Take one to temporarily calm your chocolate cravings

RED pill
To be take at the first sign of hot flashes

As a treatment for depression

GREEN pill
To calm you down when if feel frustrated

To cure headaches

BLUE pill
Reduces bloating

Now that you're turning 40, it's possible that you'll experience all these symptoms simultaneously, in which case you should just EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE!

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - "Viagra" Pills

Pack up some blue jelly beans and label them as Viagra.

You might like to include a note: "I couldn't get a prescription for Viagra, so I had to steal some from the distribution depot. By accepting these pills from me, you're on your way to becoming a hardened criminal."

By the way, did you hear that some nursing homes have started giving Viagra to their male patients? It stops them rolling out of bed....

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Forty Sucks!

50th birthday gag gifts

If the person turning 40 has a sweet tooth, buy them 40 lollipops or gobstoppers, wrap them up nicely and and label your gift with "Forty Sucks"!

So silly!

40th Birthday Gag Gift - Memory Aid

As we age many people find that their memory just isn't what it used to be. Why not give a really practical gift, and make a memory aid for your aging friend? Get a roll of toilet paper and write on it with a marker pen:

40th birthday gag gifts

Note to Self:

Wrap up the pen and toilet roll, and add a little not saying

"As you get older your memory deteriorates, so I bought you this helpful memory note pad"

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - Anti-Aging Pills

40th birthday gag gifts anti aging pills

Put some jelly beans in a pill-jar. Instructions: "Under normal circumstances, take one tablet per day. In emergencies like yours, eat them all at once!"

Make your own prescription labels, or download the ones I made in pdf or Microsoft Word format.

40th birthday gag gifts anti aging pills

40th Birthday Gag Gifts - A cake with 40 candles, and a bucket of water!

50th birthday gag gifts cake

Putting candles on your cake is something people grow out of. But they say that old age is like returning to infancy, so why not revive the tradition? Put 40 candles on their cake! When they've recovered from their astonishment, you can tell them:

"Don't count. Just enjoy the glow."

You could also hand the person a little plastic bucket filled with water (or a fire extinguisher)... "You might be needing this to help put out your candles this year!"

Funny 40th Birthday Humor and 40th Birthday Slogans

40th birthday gag gifts fortune

Here are some funny 40th Birthday sayings to accompany your 40th Birthday Gag Gifts. These little quotes make great birthday card messages:

  • You know you're 40 when:
    - You're in an elevator when your favourite song comes on
    - Getting lucky means a short wait in the doctor's office
    - Your back goes out more often than you do
    - Your back is hairier than your head
    - You have a party and the neighbours don't even realise
    - A kid you once babysat is now your lawyer
    - Someone offers you a seat on the bus. And you don't refuse.
  • Age is like underwear. It creeps up on you.
  • Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.
  • You're over the hill and far away but we still love you anyway
  • Forty's not that old... if you're a tree.
  • Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.
  • When you're over the hill, you pick up speed.
  • The tragedy of getting old: So many candles... so little cake
  • You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime - John Grier
  • Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional - Chili Davis
  • Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live! - Anon
  • Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.

More 40th Birthday Message Ideas

Looking for something more to write in a 40th Birthday Card? Why not reflect on what was happening in the year of their birth... back in the good 'ol days of 1975. These facts are summarised from http://www.thepeoplehistory.com and http://en.wikipedia.org .

How much things cost in 1975
  • A gallon of gas cost 44 cents
  • A typical monthly rent was $200
  • The average cost of a new car was $4,250
  • The average income was $14,100 per year
Interesting facts from 1975
  • Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC
  • Bruce Springsteen releases his 3rd album "Born to Run", which receives wide acclaim
  • Popular films include Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and Benji
  • Motorolla obtains a patent for the first mobile phone
  • Microsoft develops first personal computer
  • Laser printers invented in the USA
  • World's first disposable razor launched by BIC
  • Russian and American astronauts shake hands in space when their spacecraft link up

To make a really neat gift, turn the facts from their birth year into a poster-gift like this:

personalized poster 40th birthday gift

Click here to personalize and print your poster

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